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47 Non-ideal behavior of a treadmill depends on gait phase, speed, and weight snusportscience 2020.01.22 105
46 Are Mindful Exercises Safe and Beneficial for Treating Chronic Lower Back Pain? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials snusportscience 2020.01.22 115
45 A Longitudinal Study of Muscular Fitness in Korean National Firefighters: 3372 Board #60 June 1 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM snusportscience 2020.01.22 108
44 Effects of exercise-induced apelin on muscle function and cognitive function in aged mice snusportscience 2020.01.22 100
43 Conditioned media from AICAR-treated skeletal muscle cells increases neuronal differentiation of adult neural progenitor cells snusportscience 2020.01.22 96
42 Exercise-induced AMPK activation is involved in delay of skeletal muscle senescence snusportscience 2020.01.22 108
41 Less Exercise, More Effects: Useful Assessment of Voluntary Resistance Wheel Running on Brain Plasticity snusportscience 2020.01.22 105
40 Exercise-induced changes of gene expression in the cerebellum of aged mice. snusportscience 2020.01.22 112
39 Landscape of secondary physical education teachers' professional development in South Korea snusportscience 2020.01.22 104
38 Effect of acute intradialytic aerobic and resistance exercise on one-day blood pressure in patients undergoing hemodialysis: a pilot study snusportscience 2020.01.22 104


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