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37 The association between sedentary behavior, physical activity and hyperuricemia snusportscience 2020.01.22 115
36 Results from South Korea's 2018 Report Card on physical activity for Children and Youth snusportscience 2020.01.22 108
35 Determinants of audience demand for the televised professional baseball matches in Korea: An analysis of the post-season matches from 2008 to 2016 snusportscience 2020.01.22 100
34 Physical Education Affects Adolescents' Peer Acceptance: Influence of Gender and Motivation Climate snusportscience 2020.01.22 102
33 What is a good father? The meaning of a good father through sports parenting in South Korea snusportscience 2020.01.22 104
32 The Heritagization and Institutionalization of Taekkyeon: An Intangible Cultural Heritage snusportscience 2020.01.22 106
31 "I'm a Poler, and Proud of It": South Korean Women's Managed Experiences in a Stigmatized Serious Leisure Activity snusportscience 2020.01.22 130
30 Basic psychological needs, exercise intention and sport commitment as predictors of recreational sport participants’ exercise adherence snusportscience 2020.01.22 104
29 The impact of self-continuity on fans’ pride, and word-of-mouth recommendations: The moderating effects of team performance and social responsibility associations. snusportscience 2020.01.22 121
28 The Marketing of an International Match in Asia: The Effects of Sport Commentary and Nationalistic Sentiments on Framing, Priming, and Consumer Behavior admin 2018.06.12 418


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