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Effect of Creative Dance on Fitness, Functional Balance, and Mobility Control in the Elderly
  • 작성자snusportscience
  • 날짜2020-01-22 14:47:32
  • 조회수195


Background: In the literature on creativity in older adults, creative activities have been found to be an effective way of adapting to age-related psychological and physical changes, providing older adults with opportunities to think differently and be open to new ideas. On the other hand, physical activities play an important role in the prevention of physical decline. Thus, combining physical activity and certain creative activities, such as creative dance (CD), might help facilitate successful aging. Since the National Dance Association has expanded dance into educational and community facilities, CD programs have begun to be developed and widely used for all ages.  Objective : We investigated the effects of a CD program on fitness, functional balance, and mobility in the elderly.



Joung HJ, Yongho Lee

Published by Gerontology, 2019, 65, 537-456



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