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Effects of Salient Beliefs on the Intention to Participate in Physical Activity Among High School Students Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior
  • 작성자snusportscience
  • 날짜2020-01-22 17:51:11
  • 조회수204


Objective : We examined the effects of the salient beliefs on intentions for physical activity (PA) participation among selected high school students in Seoul, South Korea. Methods : We conducted elicitation to investigate salient beliefs about PA. Main surveys were developed based on the results of elicitation. The data were analyzed using multiple regression. Results : Salient beliefs about PA explain 57.3% of the variance in PA intention among boys (F = 26.833, p < .001) and 50.5% of the variance among girls (F = 14.088, p < .001). Conclusions : Boys were more influenced by physical factors related to PA intention, whereas girls were more affected by emotional factors


Park Seiyeong, Lee Chung Gun

Published by Health Behavior and Policy Review, 6, 2019, 107-114



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